GIGANTIC! Mexican Sterling Storyteller Earrings

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These amazing vintage sterling silver storyteller earrings are over three inches long! Made in Mexico using an overlay technique, and featuring a man going on a journey  through the desert with cacti and sleeping under the moon with mountains and a hawk in the background. The earrings may have had a screw back style attachment, but when they arrived in my hands they had no hooks at all so I have attached the handcrafted sterling silver hooks that are on them now.

Condition: Very good vintage condition with some natural patina. Personal preferences vary greatly for the amount of patina on vintage jewelry, therefore I tend to sell jewelry "as found" and leave polishing up to the new owner.

Size: 3 1/8" long and 1 7/8" wide at the bottom.

Hallmark: La Rancharita - Hecho en Mexico, with CCB in the center. Below it says Cuernavaca 925