Antique Solid Sterling Spoon Ring, Size 7.5

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Absolutely stunning solid sterling silver antique spoon ring. This ring was made from a flatware handle and is inscribed with the year '07, meaning 1907, on the inside of the band. It is also monogrammed with an M or W on the outside of the band. I wonder if the date and initial were meant to commemorate a birth, and wish I knew the story!

The flatware handle is by R Wallace & Sons Silversmiths and is the peony pattern from 1906. This handle is from the first production, as it is marked with "Pat. Applied For"

Condition: Very good with some natural patina and light surface wear. Personal preferences vary greatly for the amount of patina on vintage jewelry, therefore I tend to sell jewelry "as found" and leave polishing up to the new owner.

Size: The band size is 7.5 and it is just under 1" at the widest point.

Hallmark: RW&S Sterling

Era: Edwardian/Art Nouveau