Sterling Silver Inlay Bolo Tie by J Quam

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Amazing, gigantic sterling silver bolo tie by Zuni artist J Quam. Inlay scene of a bluebird standing on a branch, made with turquoise, abalone shell, and coral. The bolo is on a leather tie with large sterling tips.

Condition: Quite a bit of patina. May have some missing inlay on the branch where the birds feet are, but it's hard to tell if there was ever anything actually there. There is also a spot of wear on the leather as shown in the last photo. Personal preferences vary greatly for the amount of patina on vintage jewelry, therefore I tend to sell jewelry "as found" and leave polishing up to the new owner.

Size: The bolo is 3.75" long and just under 3" wide. The tips are 2.75" long and 1/2" wide at the bottom "bead". Total weight is just over 99 grams.

Hallmark: J Quam ZUNI N.M.