Turquoise Articulated Collar Necklace

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This vintage necklace is higher purity than sterling silver at 95% silver content (instead of the 92.5% standard for sterling silver). The collar necklace is made of many articulated parts and sits very comfortably at the base of the neck.  There is block turquoise inlay in each section and this piece was crafted in Mexico.

Condition: Very good condition with some natural patina on the silver. Personal preferences vary greatly for the amount of patina on vintage jewelry, therefore I tend to sell jewelry "as found" and leave polishing up to the new owner.

Size: The necklace is 18" in length.

Hallmark: Not all of the marks are clearly readable but this is what I can make out: MEXICO, 950 (indiscernible word), TM (or CM)-19?